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AIM Global Compensation Plan

Posted by Michael Platino | June 9, 2017, 2:25 a.m.

Alliance In Motion Global redefines the business of network marketing with a distinctive compensation plan that allows all her distributors to generate decent daily income without any form of exploitation. Get the full details of compensation plan on this page

Because of the uniqueness of compensation plan, our company is preferred by network marketing giants and have received several awards of excellent from around the world. These includes the one given by the Multilevel Marketing International Association as the best of the bests in the industry.

Below, you will find alliance in motion global compensation plan in full details.

Note: If you are in Nigeria, kindly watch the video titled “ Nigeria Presentation” below. It explains business with Nigeria currency.
Compensation Plan Videos


Ways to Earn With Alliance In Motion Global
As a distributor/business partner of Alliance In Motion Global, you have opportunity to earn from SEVEN (7) different sources at the same time.

Way to Earn 1. RETAILING (25% to 50% Retail Profit)
OPTIONAL – If you like buying and selling, your membership qualifies you for a lifetime 25% to 50% discount on your next product reorder, while the same products accumulate more points for you to earn additional residual income through other means in the members reward plan.

NOTE: While products sell themselves because of their uniqueness and effectiveness, it is not a must that you retail (buy and sell) before you can make a lot of money with Alliance In Motion Global.
Learn more about Products

Every member of Alliance In Motion Global is expected to share this business opportunity with others and refer at least 2 people. As these two people become members by purchasing Package like you did, you will earn
$20/N5000 X 2 ($40/N10,000)which you can withdraw to your bank account instantly. You earn this $20/N5,000 till infinity on every new member you personally refer to the business.

Getting the right 2 people may be all you need to build an automated source of residual income with and earn As much as $640 or N153,000 daily.

Way to Earn 3. MATCHING BONUS ($40/ N9,600) – The Most Interesting Part Of This Business
The first 2 people that join your Alliance In Motion Global network will be placed on your right and left respectively, while others that subsequently join your network are placed under them using binary system; that is, every new member will have 2 people under them and your network and earnings continue to grow automatically through the same binary system.

Note: Your 2 direct downlines could come either through you or as a spillover from your uplines who are referring in excess of 2; creating a guaranteed earning for you and every member even if you are unable to refer 2 people on time.

In other word, you can quickly get your first 2 downlines without referring them yourself, through spillover from your upline(s)

Starting from the first 2 people that join you through any means, whenever there is a new member on your RIGHT and another new member on your LEFT, system will pair them and you will be earning
for every available pairs. This culd come up to 16 times daily on a single account, giving you opportunity to earn up to $640 or N153,000 daily.It doesn’t matter if you or any member is unable to refer people on time or someone refers more than 2; you will be earning the matching bonus each time there is a new member on your both side irrespective of how they come – direct referral, referred by your initial downlines, or as a spillover from your upline(s).

The video above explains in full details.

See the image below for further explanation


In the above diagram, the straight vertical yellow line that points at YOU indicates your imaginary line separating your right and left arm of the network; while the curve yellow line indicates the pairing (matching) of new members on your right and left.

The green figures indicate what you earn in that sample network. That is, you only introduced A and B, then A and B introduces A1, A2 and B1, B2 respectively
N5,000 X 2 = N10,000 (Direct Referral Bonus on A and B)

N9,600 X 3 = N28,800 (Total Matching Bonus)
Your total income in that simple scenario is N38,000
If however, you did not refer anyone; that is, A and B came as a spillover from your upline(s) who is referring in the excess of 2 while A and B refers A1 and A2/B1 and B2, your earnings only reduce by (N5,000 X 2
– the direct referral bonus) because it is not done by you. You’d continue to enjoy your matching bonus of N9,600

each time a new member joins your network on both sides irrespective of how they come. You continue to enjoy this matching till infinity even as your network expands, giving you huge residual income, even while you are not working.

Note: It’s not compulsory everyone in your network refer 2 members and have a balance network before you earn your matching bonus. You earn MB even on 1 new person on your right and 1 new person on your left irrespective of where they are.

As said earlier, you can earn this matching bonus of N9,600 or $40 up to 16 times in a single day which amounts to N153,000/$640 daily income.

Compensation Plan – Multiple Centers
The Entrepreneurs Package (3 Centers)
This means 3 accounts. You can secure the first 3 centers at the top before you start referring others. It gives you opportunity to earn X3 of what you’d have earned from the starter package (1 account) with little or no additional effort. The only difference is in the amount invested. See the image below.

When you purchased the 3 accounts (entrepreneurs package), your first account at the top will automatically earn a total of N19,600 since it has the remaining 2 accounts placed under it.

All you need to keep your business going is to refer 2 people under each of your remaining 2 accounts. See the image above.

The International Builders Package (7 Centers)
This means 7 accounts. Just like the 3 centers, you can secure the first 7 positions at the top before you start referring others and it gives you opportunity to earn X7 of what you’d have earned from the starter package (1 account) with little or no additional effort. See the image below.

When you invest in the 7 accounts package, you will earn a total of N78,900 instantly after your registration (before you start referring others). Since it’s a computerized system, it is assumed that your first 3 accounts has been taken care of. All you need to do from here will be to refer 2 people under each of the last four accounts. You could be earning X7 income.
It’s simple. You will be earning from multiple sources with the same amount of effort. It’s only cost the difference in the amount of your initial investment. However, the difference will simply multiply your income immediately and each time you are earning..


This unilevel bonus is based on product reorders from your first generation up to your tenth generation. You can earn a monthly income of 5%-10% rebates on sales volume (SV) based on product Commission Points (Points are assigned to every products of alliance in motion global). You will earn 5% from your Indirect Referrals and 10% from your Direct Referrals. (ADDITIONAL MONTHLY INCOME)

In this plan you will get another commission in your down line reorder which varies on your Rank Position. We have SILVER EXECUTIVE, GOLD EXECUTIVE, and GLOBAL AMBASSADOR

This is for those who are already Global Ambassadors. You will earn 2% of Group Reorder Points from your down lines who are also Global Ambassadors up to the 5th level Global Ambassador.


If you are promoted as GA with 2000 points, your 1st level is also a GA with 2000 points, 2nd level with 3 level 1 GA, and in 3rd level with 5 level 1 GA, you will have 2% profit sharing commission based on company’s sales in a year. Given to qualified Global Ambassadors, they receive a percentage of the company’s profits.

3 Ways to Get Started and Potential Daily Income

allows members to own either ONE account, THREE accounts, or SEVEN accounts, creating opportunity to maximize your income with same effort.

What Makes Different

No monthly maintenance or buying of products necessary.
No passup of downlines on uplines
No demotion
No auto-ship (Simple join AIM and carry on your business with or without product re-order)
Guaranteed earning for all active members
Requires a very little effort to earn massively
We Will Simplify Alliance In Motion Global Business For You!
While compensation plan is unique in nature, our team makes it more interesting through a lot of time tested strategies that will help you make money fast, big and easily with compensation plan.

Join the LEADING TEAM In Africa And Learn from Top Earners, International Trainers and Marketing professionals who are always willing to help you succeed with alliance in motion global business.

Contact Person: CHOSES NELSON
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