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Posted by Michael Platino | Dec. 27, 2015, 5:42 p.m.

Welcome our Foreign Guest we here... We are here in the Presentation Group.. This Group is compose of International Leaders for our Business Online Those Leaders are Members of our Company. this Company we present it to you is very good opportunity and we will share it with you..Just Study the Presentation and Feel Free to ask Question,..
I Present to you the Company, Product Partners, Products, How to become a member to our business, and how to Earn money that can see it in our marketing plan, i discuss also the history of Success from the Philippines and now Expanding in many countries Worldwide..
Before the presentation of the business, I Introduce my Self.. I’m MICHAEL PLATINO,I am the Leader of our Group Alliance TYCOON Unicorn. . i will be the one to process your membership if you like to enter in the Business..
Our Company name is Alliance In Motion Global.. it is Founded on March 18, 2006 in the Philippines Main Branch and now it is expanded into many Country, Brunei, Singapore, Nigeria, Taiwan, Malaysia, Hawaii, Korea, Kuwait, U.A.E., Hongkong, Saipan, Japan, U.S.A., Indonesia, Switzerland and Bahrain and many upcoming Country...Our Company is a Billion Peso Company and No.1 Networking Company in The Philippines..
The Board of Director and Owner of the Company are President and CEO Dr. Eduardo Cabantog, Engr. Francis Miguel and Ramond "John" Asperin.. They are very Successful in Network Marketing Business..
You Can Visit our Website and Study the Company Products and Marketing Plan,, you can See here the Video of Events, and Testimonies of Success People and Travel Incentives of the Distributors.. and Others.. this is the Website:
Legalities .. Bureau of Internal Revenue in the philippines.. Message to AIM Global - A Legal Proof
9 years since founded it Create 1700+ Millionaires Extraordinary Filipino and other Citizen now on Counting, if you do the business.. you will be the future Millionaires of AIM Global.. AIM GLOBAL 5TH ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION MARIKINA SPORTS PARK APRIL 2011
I present to you the Product manufacturer and product..
AIM Global Tie up to our product manufacturer Nature's Way from Springville Utah U.S.A. it is the No.1 food Supplement Company in The U.S.A. and Billion Dollar Company..They produce very high quality food Supplement product and exclusive distributed by AIM Global World Wide.
Our Product is approved ng BFAD,..USFDA,.HALAL,. Meaning it can be distribute even Muslims and others
our Break Though product Called C24/7, Formulated from natural, Foods Fruits, Vegetable, Mushrooms Healthy Grass and many more.. it can help to prevent Sickness even Cancer..
Good Product Testimony From Palawan Philippines Name IVY She is in Comatose patient in 3 years and she take Complete Phyto Energizer and C24/7. and she Healed and recover from Sick.. Watch Video to see the Story... http://www.
This is the introduction of our Company, Partner Manufaturer and Products…. did you understand and Follow the presentation?
This is the Presentation of Company, History, Product and product manufacturer partners..
With its powerful products and time-tested concrete Marketing Plan, Alliance in Motion Global now put in life the true meaning, and the need to achieve SUCCESS. We believe whole heartedly with the responsibility of that, YOUR DREAM, IS OUR PLAN! Because it was once said that the greatest source of illness in this world is an empty income, and if you give a person an opportunity to earn what they're worth, it is the greatest and powerful remedy.
I discuss the business side.. on how to start the business? how to become a member of AIM GLobal.. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY: In order to become an AIM Global Distributor,
1.) you need an Sponsor who invited to you in the business
2.) avail the Global Package worth PhP 7,980 pesos or US$205 Instantly, a registered distributor will enjoy the following perks and privileges:
This is the membership Package and Benefits... it is Directly member from AIM Global Philiippines.. you should get this package and benefits as membership,,
(1) 6,000pesos worth of products (5box of c24/7)
(2) Personal Accident Insurance worth P200,000 pesos (Oriental Assurance Corporation)
(3) Medical Reimbursements worth P10,000pesos; Murder and Assault worth P50,000; Burial Benefit worth P10,000pesos (Prudential Guarantee)
(4) Free Medical checkup worth P2,000pesos
Includes the following medical services: physical exam, dental screening, X-Ray, Urinalysis, vision screening, Complete Blood Count (CBC)
(5) Discount of 25% on all products upon reorder. And lifetime membership of Aim Global inc.
(6) Transferable Scholarship Program from several partner schools (Nationwide in Philippines) – Free Educational scholarship
* no entrance exam (Informatics, DATAMEX, Interface, AMACLC, Access, Far Eastern Polytechnic College, St. Anne College and etc; over 300 schools nationwide) * no high grade requirements * Any 2-yrs., 3-yrs., 4-yrs, 5yrs, or any short courses
(7)BDO(200php)/CHINATRUST(500php): no maintaining balance,, just PAY for the card
(8) Business Kit / VCD
(9) Global Business (6 Ways to Earn – P24,000 a day and more of that)
(10) Travel Incentive: A chance to enjoy an all-expense-paid trip to Japan, Hongkong and USA with multiple state entry visa.
That is the whole membership package,, from AIM Global Head Office in the Philippines...
Marketing Plan: this is how you can earn the business..
1.) Retailing
2.) Direct Refferal Bonus
3.) Match Sales Bonus
4.) Unilevel
5.) Stair Step
6.) Royalty Income
1.) RETAILING:Earn 25% upon retailing of products. you can Sell the product and avail 25% Profit..
2.) DIRECT REFERRAL BONUS:every person or your frnds join/invest and put under you.The company automatically pay you 500 pesos or $12.5.This is unlimited and can refer many as u can.
3.) MATCH BONUS: if u have 2 friends invest to the business and you put them to build a group left and right..,it will be match so you earn 1500 in Peso or $37. Pairing bonus every pairing..
Other Match Bonus Scenarios, the people you invite and join the business will invite 2 friends also.. so it will duplicate and duplicate up to Infinity.. Because it is binary you every people join in your LEFT group must pair to RIGHT Group.. you can earn evem your down line people effort.. you can earn from small and become bigger and bigger..
you can earn 16 pairs per day if your group is totally bigger.. 24,000 per Pesos day or we convert to $ excahnce to 40 in the Philippines.. convert to Dollar is around $600 per day..
4.) UNI-LEVEL SALES BONUS-Direct 5% of products sales volume;Placement-5% of products sales volume (1st to 10th level.It is Dynamic Compression to ensure that qualified distributors will earn bonuses on all 10 levels without breakage to the company and encumbrance due to inactive or non-performing distributors within the earning levels.
5.) OVERRIDING COMMISSION-earn from 1st level up to infinity tru your group reorder/purchase of products.This is we called STAIR STEP position.Everytime your group purchase a product,you get an earning points until you promote/increase position.FIRST as a beginner you are a Distributor,by your group reorder of product you earn a points to increase to nxt position SILVER EXECUTIVE-10% earning rebates,GOLD EXECUTIVE-20% earning rebates,and the highest position GLOBAL AMBASSADOR-30% earning rebates up to infinity.This is monthly income that the company pay to you direct to your account.
6.) ROYALTY Income-If you are promote as Global Ambassador and the person under you also promoted as Global Ambassador from 1st to 5th generation.You get 2% commission each generation a percentage based on points of group sales volume/reorder.
We also help to process your atm card-CHINATRUST that are exclusive only for your earning from Aim Global Inc. Your income Is secured because you are the one knows your password to your data tracking center.The money will never encash or transfer to your atm,unless you never encash it first to your DTC (Distributor Traking Center).
That is our Marketing Plan, on how that create 600+ Millionaire in 6 years.. and Still counting.. if you want to do the business you will be the future Millionaires of AIM GLobal.. or else you can do the business to help and share the good opportunity in your country,, We hope we will be business partner, Good luck sir..
One of the Testimony of Successful Nigerian who live in the Philippines, if you do the business he is the Picture of your future in AIM Global Nigeria... AIM GLOBAL INC CHINO CHUKWUDOZIE TESTIMONIAL FROM NIGERIA
For other Information sa AIM Global Company, Other Testimonies, Events, Anniversaries, Travel Incentives and many more.. visit this link..
Good opportunity will be yours....
It doesn't matter that you are poor right now, No money, you a lot to your needs,., the most important that your mind in a PROGRAM, to do the right core values, beliefs and eventually to make it right CHARACTER in Life and make a Right decision and making it ACTION which eventually goes to HABIT at last DESTINY!!! LIFE IS A MATTER OF CHOICE not by CHANCE, if you want to change income and change your life??? change your OBSOLETE THINKING :)) GREAT DAY!!!
Requirements to prepare:
Requirements for Foreign Guest Membership
This is the membership requirements..
$205 Global PAckage for MEmbership
$13 Chinatust ATM it is Visa Sir you can used it even in your country
$5 AIm ID (Company ID) $32 Standard Shipment from here to Abroad
2.) Scan or Picture of your 2 Valid ID then send it to me..
3.) Give your information about youfor ATM appliccation Form For China trust ATM… application information,,, Give if you have..
Full Name:
Civil Status:
Birth Place:
Present Address Complete:
Spose Name:
Contact no:(Home) TIN:# GSIS#
Mother Maiden NAme:
Mobile # SSS# Occupation:
Current Employer:
Employer Address: Source of Funds:
Email Add:
Direct Sponsor who invite to AIM Global:
Name Recipient:
Address of Shipments:
Contact No..
Note:put info if you have if no put N/A (Not Applicable)
4.) Authorization Letter to authorized me to process you atm.. Write in a piece of paper then take a picture then send it to me.. like this..
5.) Send your picture recommended to place in your AIM ID even Whole body shot i-cut the face to become 1x1 picture, then pass to make AIM Company id to Certified member,
Option: Western Union Money TraNsfer to MICHAEL PLATINO , 24-RUGNAN ST.ZONE6 NIA VILLAGE TANGDANG SORA Quezon city.(09124281797)
Other Money Transfer options is possible like Money Gram, M Lhulillier and others
That is the membership requirements sir i wait you prepare it then send it to me then after it all complete i process your membership then after i process i send it to you,, Membership package, ATM, AIM ID,,
Then we can start the business
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