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New Product for Online Marketing: iPro-Tect 24/7 of AIM Global Inc!

Posted by Michael Platino | Dec. 23, 2015, 12:40 p.m.

Alliance in motion global is about to release their new product this coming November which is iPro-tect 24/7. The said product is intended for entrepreneurs who want to start their own business at Alliance in Motion Global through online marketing. This product can be bought via PayPal, bank deposit, money transfer and through credit card directly from AIM Global Company and the product will be directly shipped to the buyer via door to door - which makes it a hassle free transaction for both the buyer and the distributor. This product can be shipped in over 200 different countries worldwide. This is a great opportunity to start your AIM Global business online!

Watch and listen to this video conducted by Dr. Ed Cabantog and learn more about iPro-Tect 24/7.

This product is composed of a Necklace Locket and iPro-tect 24/7 Fume tissue which creates a 2 meters barrier of healthy fumes that protects you from harmful viruses and bacteria. This product was created under 30 years of research done by a Japanese scientist and the product was manufactured directly from US.

Are you getting excited for this new opportunity?
If you are not yet a member of AIM Global, please feel free to leave us a message and learn more about aim global business.

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